Pluckley Meeting

Friday 2/6/17 my friends are on there way to spend a weekend with Vilma and myself.

IMG 6086 300x225 Pluckley Meeting

IMG 6189 300x225 Pluckley Meeting

My friends arrived safely at my house and set up their tents and now time to relax and catch up on old times

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IMG 6090 e1496739273789 300x225 Pluckley Meeting

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For Dinner we had a BBQ where i cooked South African Boerewors and Tiger sticks

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After dinner we lit the wood in the fire pit and relaxed watching the flames flicker, and after a long days ride the guys slowly retired to their beds.

IMG 6099 300x225 Pluckley Meeting    IMG 6102 300x225 Pluckley Meeting


The next morning we woke up and started pre paring breakfast with cold meats and scrambled eggs and fresh juice and coffee.

IMG 6105 300x225 Pluckley Meeting

After Breakfast we got all dressed in our bike gear ready for the days ride.

This was the planned route for the day

Screen Shot 2017 06 07 at 09.51.07 300x196 Pluckley Meeting

IMG 6109 300x225 Pluckley MeetingIMG 6110 300x225 Pluckley Meeting


White Cliffs of Dover

IMG 6112 300x225 Pluckley Meeting


Battle of Britain Museum

IMG 6120 300x225 Pluckley Meeting


Battle of Britain Memorial

3966625830 300x199 Pluckley Meeting battle of britain memorial 300x200 Pluckley Meeting Part Of Battle Of Britain Memorial 300x144 Pluckley Meeting

After a full days ride the guys relaxed in the Jacuzzi and chilled with beers and coffee.

IMG 6123 e1496739194946 225x300 Pluckley Meeting  IMG 6194 225x300 Pluckley Meeting

IMG 6125 300x225 Pluckley Meeting

IMG 6126 300x225 Pluckley MeetingIMG 6127 300x225 Pluckley Meeting


In the evening Vilma had prepared saslykai for us and Arnoldas did us the honours of cooking it on the BBQ.

IMG 6176 300x225 Pluckley Meeting

After dinner everyone settled down around the fire pit and we were entertained with some wise words from Clau Claudia

IMG 6130 300x225 Pluckley MeetingIMG 6129 e1496739129830 225x300 Pluckley Meeting

IMG 6132 e1496739090840 225x300 Pluckley Meeting









The next morning we had breakfast and got ready to set of for the days ride to London Sites.

Screen Shot 2017 06 07 at 10.06.36 300x156 Pluckley Meeting

First stop was the Cutty Sark

Built in Scotland in 1869, Cutty Sark was designed to carry tea from China to England as fast as possible. The record-breaking ship travelled the globe and visited every major world port.

IMG 6136 300x225 Pluckley Meeting

Next stop was Tower Bridge which we were treated to a rare sight as the draw bridge opened and closed to let a sail ship through.

Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London built between 1886 and 1894. The bridge crosses the River Thames close to the Tower of London and has become an iconic symbol of London.

IMG 6137 e1496739043414 225x300 Pluckley Meeting   IMG 6203 225x300 Pluckley Meeting

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IMG 6142 300x225 Pluckley Meeting









IMG 6143 e1496739002693 225x300 Pluckley MeetingBig Ben and the Houses of Parliament



IMG 6145 e1496738969796 225x300 Pluckley Meeting

IMG 6151 e1496738920760 225x300 Pluckley Meeting

IMG 6152 e1496738805481 225x300 Pluckley Meeting

Buckingham Palace

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IMG 6167 300x225 Pluckley Meeting

IMG 6170 e1496738852553 225x300 Pluckley Meeting









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This weekend was truly an amazing weekend spent with my soulmate and the best friends a guy could ever wish for. They give without asking how much and no matter what your problem is, they will always be there to help you, and that is the measure of a true friend.

Thankyou to my friends Gerke, Dad, Frank, Dirk, Marc, Arnoldas and our new found friend Claudia for making this an amazing weekend.

I would also would like to thank the love of my life who put in so much hard work to make sure everyones tummys were full and there coffee cups always full, and putting a smile on everyones faces.